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SIAM Fellows

SIAM Fellows Program. Honor SIAM members who are recognized by their peers as distinguished for their contributions to the discipline. Help make outstanding SIAM members more competitive for awards and honors when they are being compared with colleagues from other disciplines.

SIAM Fellows


Constantine M. Dafermos | Brown University (2009)

For contributions to hyperbolic systems of conservation laws.

Wolfgang A. Dahmen | University of South Carolina Columbia (2019)

For contributions to numerical methods for partial differential equations, signal processing, and learning.

Ingrid Daubechies | Princeton University (2009)

For contributions to the theory of wavelets and computational harmonic analysis.

Timothy A. Davis | Texas A&M University (2013)

For contributions to sparse matrix algorithms and software, including the University of Florida Sparse Matrix Collection.

Clint N. Dawson | University of Texas at Austin (2016)

For fundamental contributions to the development of computational models of coastal storm surges and other complex geophysical phenomena.

Lieven De Lathauwer | KU Leuven (2017)

For fundamental contributions to theory, computation, and application of tensor decompositions.

Jesus Antonio De Loera | University of California Davis (2019)

For contributions to discrete geometry and optimization, polynomial algebra, and mathematical software.

Bart De Moor | KU Leuven (2017)

For contributions to concepts and algorithms in numerical multilinear algebra and applications in engineering.

Ronald A. DeVore | Texas A&M University (2018)

For his fundamental contributions to the mathematical foundations of information and computational sciences.

Michel C. Delfour | Université de Montréal (2009)

For contributions to computational geometry and optimization.

James W. Demmel | University of California, Berkeley (2009)

For contributions to numerical linear algebra, including the LAPACK project.

John E. Dennis, Jr. | Rice University, Retired, and University of Washington (2010)

For contributions to the theory and applications of nonlinear optimization.

Peter Deuflhard* | Zuse Institute Berlin (ZIB) and Freie Universitaet Berlin (2009)

For contributions in modeling, simulation, numerical methods and their diverse applications.

Inderjit S. Dhillon | The University of Texas at Austin (2014)

For contributions to numerical linear algebra, data analysis, and machine learning.

Alicia Dickenstein | Universidad de Buenos Aires and CONICET (2020)

For contributions to algebraic geometry and its applications within geometric modeling and in the study of biochemical reaction networks.

Hendrik A. Dijkstra | Utrecht University (2009)

For advances in oceanography and climate dynamics.

Charles R. Doering* | University of Michigan (2011)

For contributions to understanding of phenomena in nonlinear and stochastic dynamical systems, turbulent transport, and mixing.

Jack J. Dongarra | University of Tennessee Knoxville (2009)

For contributions to numerical linear algebra, including EISPACK, LINPACK, and LAPACK, and high-performance computing.

David Leigh Donoho | Stanford University (2009)

For contributions to theoretical and computational statistics, signal processing and harmonic analysis.

Froilán Dopico  | Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (2019)

For contributions in numerical linear algebra and the solution of polynomial and rational eigenvalue problems via linearizations.

Jim Douglas, Jr.* | University of Chicago and Purdue University, Retired (2011)

For research on numerical methods for partial differential equations and their application to the simulation of flows in porous media.

Petros Drineas | Purdue University (2023)

For pioneering contributions to all aspects of randomized numerical linear algebra: research, applications, advocacy, and outreach.

Zlatko Drma─Ź | University of Zagreb (2022)

For contributions to algorithms with high relative accuracy in numerical linear algebra, model reduction, and system identification.

Vladimir L. Druskin | Schlumberger-Doll Research (2014)

For contributions to inverse problems, scientific computing, and numerical analysis and their application to hydrocarbon exploration.

Qiang Du | Penn State University (2013)

For contributions to applied and computational mathematics with applications in material science, computational geometry, and biology.

Iain S. Duff | Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, UK and CERFACS, France (2010)

For contributions to sparse matrix computations.

Tyrone E. Duncan | University of Kansas (2015)

For contributions to stochastic optimal and adaptive control, filtering theory, and stochastic analysis.

Paul Dupuis | Brown University (2010)

For contributions to stochastics and control.

Elizabeth B. Dussan V. | Schlumberger-Doll Research (2009)

For contributions to wetting and flow in porous media.