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Career Resources

"If you care about saving the world, if you care about making this planet a better place, there is not a field that you can go into where you can have a bigger impact than STEM." -Mac Hyman, Tulane University

What is Applied Mathematics and Computational Science?

Applied mathematics and computational science are utilized in every discipline of science. Not clear on what exactly they are or how they're used in the real world? Find out.

Careers in the Math Sciences

Use your innovative reasoning to uncover new insights and applications and help solve real world problems. Check out our careers brochure to get the scoop about growing fields, career opportunities, learn about professionals working in the field, and more.

SIAM Career Fairs

For students, early career professionals, and other job seeking members of our community, SIAM Career Fairs, which happen 1-2 times per year, provide an opportunity to network with technical staff and recruiters from companies large and small, and from a cross-section of national labs.

Companies and Industries

Interested in a career in applied mathematics? Browse our list of notable organizations that hire applied mathematicians and computational scientists.

BIG Jobs Guide: Business, Industry, and Government Careers for Mathematical Scientists, Statisticians, and Operations Researchers

Jobs using mathematics, statistics, and operations research are projected to grow by almost 30% over the next decade. BIG Jobs Guide helps job seekers at every stage of their careers in these fields explore opportunities in business, industry, and government (BIG). Learn more. 

BIG Math Network

This multi-organization partnership works to connect mathematical scientists in business, industry, government, and academia through various channels and efforts, with an emphasis on building job opportunities and increasing knowledge about internships.

PIC Math

Preparation for Industrial Careers in Mathematical Sciences (PIC Math) prepares mathematical sciences students for industrial careers by engaging them in research problems that come directly from industry. Put your skills on the line and find out what a future in the industrial sciences looks like, and how math unlocks careers and opportunities far beyond classroom walls.



Looking for hands-on experience in your field of study? Try an internship! Take a look at this comprehensive list of industrial organizations, research institutions, and government labs hiring young professionals.



Looking for financial support to further your research? Fellowships often provide funding, plus experiential learning opportunities to young researchers. Learn more about fellowship opportunities.

Job Board


Check out our easy-to-use platform for job seekers and employers - a great way to connect! Find employers and set up job alerts or follow the @SIAMJobBoard Twitter to get updates whenever a new job is posted!



Are you an employer? Find out how you can recruit employees through SIAM.

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