SIAM Quantum Intersections Convening

The SIAM Quantum Intersections Convening

Integrating Mathematical Scientists into Quantum Research

Application Deadline*: June 15, 2024


Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) invites quantum-curious mathematical scientists to participate in a workshop on quantum science on October 7 - 9, 2024.

SIAM Quantum Intersections Convening - Integrating Mathematical Scientists into Quantum Research will bring quantum-curious mathematical scientists together with leading experts in quantum science for a three-day interactive workshop. This convening is designed to foster and increase the involvement and visibility of mathematicians and statisticians in quantum science research and education. Recognizing the critical role of mathematical scientists, this convening aims to promote multidisciplinary collaborations that bridge the gap between mathematics and quantum sciences.

The convening will be organized by a steering committee and will be supported by professional facilitators. Participants will learn from and connect with physicists, computer scientists, engineers and mathematical scientists who are experts in quantum science. 

The SIAM Intersections Convening will be held in-person and will take place October 7 - 9, 2024 in Tysons, Virginia, U.S.

Application Deadline*: June 15, 2024

Goals and Outcomes

Goals and Outcomes

The goals of this workshop are to:

  • make mathematical scientists aware of the demand for their expertise in quantum research, identifying ways to accelerate quantum research and development, and articulating areas and problems where they can contribute,
  • foster and increase the participation of researchers in mathematical sciences in the quantum information science revolution,
  • provide a “seeding ground” for partnerships and collaborations of mathematical scientists with physicists, computer scientists, and engineers from industry and academia,
  • recommend activities to develop a quantum information science and technology workforce pipeline in the mathematical and computational sciences.

Who Should Apply

Who Should Apply

Mathematical scientists who are interested in engaging in quantum science research, contributing to the development of the field, and educating the quantum workforce. A background in linear algebra and probability theory are essential while knowledge in information theory, metrology, theory of computation and some basic hands-on programming prowess would be advantageous.

The SIAM Quantum Convening is open to researchers and professionals residing and working in the United States. If selected, applicants must be available to participate in-person for the entire duration of the workshop and preparatory material will be provided.

Eligible applicants can include:

  • Researchers in mathematical and computational sciences looking to broaden their research areas and network with quantum science experts,
  • Educators aiming to integrate quantum science into their curriculum to foster a new generation of mathematicians involved in quantum science,
  • Mathematical and computational scientists seeking Interdisciplinary collaborations that bridge the gap between mathematics, physical sciences, computer science, and engineering within the context of quantum science,
  • Industry professionals interested in the applications of quantum science,
  • Policy makers.

How to Apply

How to Apply

Submit a statement of interest including how you can contribute to meeting the workshop's goals and CV/Resume (4 pages maximum) via SIAM's online application portal.


Application Deadline*: June 15, 2024
*Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis; applicants are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

Location & Logistics

Location & Logistics

The SIAM Quantum Intersections Convening will take place at Hyatt Regency Tysons Corner Center in Tysons, Virginia, U.S. It will run over three days starting on Monday, October 7, 2024 and conclude after final presentations on Wednesday, October 9, 2024.

Participants will receive reimbursement for travel to and from the workshop venue; meals and accommodation will be included as part of the workshop.

The workshop will be facilitated by Knowinnovation (KI), an international organization that specializes in driving advances in innovation and achieving excellence in research.

Steering Committee Members

Di Fang
Assistant Professor, Mathematics
Duke University

Lior Horesh
Senior Manager, Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science
IBM Research

David Hyde
Assistant Professor, Computer Science
Vanderbilt University

Jeffrey Larson
Computational Mathematician
Argonne National Laboratory

Bashir Mohammed
Senior Staff AI Architect
Intel Corporation

Giacomo Nannicini
Associate Professor, Industrial & Systems Engineering
University of Southern California

Alex Pothen
Professor, Computer Science
Purdue University

Suzanne Weekes
Chief Executive Officer