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SIAM Sections

SIAM Sections

Sections are regional or national subgroups of SIAM members that organize lectures, meetings, and other activities to serve members in their region. SIAM encourages the formation of new Sections in regions not currently served by a Section.

About Sections

Membership in most Sections is free and automatic for any current SIAM member living in the geographical area served by the Section. To get involved with a Section, simply find and attend a Section activity or event or contact the Section officers in your area. Contact information can be found on each Section's webpage. If there is not a Section currently serving your geographic area, consider starting one!

For Section Officers

Find important information and resources, including Section report templates.

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Start a Section

Start a Section and connect with SIAM members from your region!

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Section membership is free with SIAM membership. Join SIAM today and start receiving these benefits!


Why Get Involved?

Why get involved?

  • Join local networks of professionals who share your research interests.
  • Enhance your visibility in these key networks.
  • Get more involved with SIAM.
  • Section activities are planned by its members, so you can get in on the ground floor.

Am I eligible?

  • You are eligible as long as your SIAM membership is up-to-date. 
  • You are eligible if you live in a geographical area served by a Section.

How much does it cost?

  • Sections are free for any member of SIAM.
  • Some Sections may collect dues in order to fund activities or may charge a registration fee for events. See each Section's page for details.

What are the benefits?

  • You will receive electronic communications from your Section to keep up-to-date on current events and activities local to you.
  • You are eligible for nomination as a candidate for Section office and may participate in the selection of your Section's officers.
  • News and information specific to your region are at your fingertips through your Section's webpage.

Section Purpose and Vision

Keep It Local

SIAM Sections are regional subgroups of SIAM members. Sections should support SIAM's mission, but are not limited to the sub-specialties within it. A sectional region might be non-contiguous in order to include members in a geographically remote area.

Bring SIAM to You

Sections provide a convenient and inexpensive way for SIAM members to gather and take part in organized activities on a regional basis. They help give applied mathematics an identity locally, and attract people to the field through increased involvement in SIAM.

Networking Opportunities

Members who are unable to attend main SIAM conferences, oftentimes students and those early in their career, can benefit from the exposure and experience SIAM meetings provide, without the added travel expense and time away from work!

Activities in a Digital Age

Section activities have traditionally involved face-to-face meetings, lectures, conferences, and social events. As Sections are formed in developing countries, where travel may be more difficult or expensive, and as methods of communication evolve, we will see the use of more virtual Section activities, in particular based on future networking capabilities of the SIAM website. Online activities may be of great use for those living in remote regions, and can help facilitate cross-sectional activities.