Policies & Guidelines

Prize Policies and Guidelines

SIAM Prize Policy

SIAM awards prizes to increase the prestige of applied mathematics, to draw attention to it, to encourage research of high quality in it, and to honor those who make outstanding contributions towards these ends. Read our prize policy to learn more about prize committees, prize specifications, and more.

Prizes & Recognition FAQ

Find out more about travel awards, eligible expenses, getting reimbursed, submitting a nomination, and more.

For SIAM and SIAM Activity Group Officers and Selection Committees

Read enhanced guidelines on SIAM Prize and Recognition Committee Formation and Processes, for selection committees and the SIAM and SIAM Activity Group officers who form committees and encourage nominations.

For Selection Committees

SIAM Prizes are established to highlight the best work in our community. Read the guidelines for SIAM prize selection committees.

For Prize Winners

Prizes are frequently associated with a SIAM meeting. Read our information for SIAM Prize winners to learn about conference registration, travel expenses, and more.

For Nominators

Learn how to prepare an effective SIAM Prize nomination and the items that may be required in a nomination package.