Fellows Nomination Procedures

Fellows Nomination Procedures

The nomination of an individual to be a SIAM Fellow can be made by any three regular members of SIAM, except members of the Fellows Selection Committee. Follow the procedures below to nominate a SIAM Fellow. Not a member? Learn more about SIAM Membership.

Class of 2024 Timeline

October 18, 2023

Deadline for Class of 2024 Nominations

March 2024

Fellows Announced

Nomination Procedures

A complete nomination package consists of:

  • NEW: All letters and curriculum vitae for new nominations must adhere to the following standards:
    • Arial, Courier New, Calibri, Cambria, Times New Roman, or Computer Modern fonts.
    • Minimum spacing should be single (6 lines per inch maximum).
    • All margins should be 1 inch (2.54cm) on 8.5” x 11” paper size.
  • The support of three current non-student members of SIAM. Each current non-student member may make up to two nominations per year. Members of the Fellows Selection Committee and Major Awards Committee are not eligible to serve as nominators.
  • A citation of approximately 20 words. The citation is intended for use if the nominee is selected as a Fellow. View citations of current Fellows here.
  • A curriculum vitae of at most four pages. It is suggested that the vitae include selected publications and patents.
  • A letter of nomination, typically written by the nominators, of at most two pages.
  • Exactly two letters of recommendation, of at most two pages each. These letters may be written by anyone except for nominators and members of the Major Awards Committee and Fellows Selection Committee.

Making a Nomination

One of the three nominators must initiate the nomination by logging into the SIAM Fellows nomination website, uploading the required materials, and clicking "Submit." Once the nomination has been submitted, the other two nominators must log in and verify their support of the nomination by clicking "I Support This Nomination." Any of the three nominators may then add to or edit the nomination package until the close of nominations.

Nomination Materials

Materials may be added directly to the nomination package via the SIAM Fellows nomination website or sent by email. If sending materials by email, please include the name of the nominee in the subject line. Materials may be emailed as attachments (.pdf, .docx, or .doc) or as text in the body of the message. Letters of recommendation uploaded by a nominator can only be viewed by that nominator. Letters of recommendation uploaded by SIAM administration cannot be viewed by any of the nominators. CVs and letters of nomination can be viewed by any of the nominators, regardless of the uploader.

Selection of Fellows

The Fellows Selection Committee will rely on the information in the curriculum vitae and on the detailed insight about a nominee's professional accomplishments provided by the letters of recommendation. Please see the selection criteria page and the writing a letter of nomination page for more detailed guidelines regarding the content of a nomination.

If a candidate is not selected in the year of submission, the nomination will automatically be considered again the following year. If a nomination package is incomplete upon the close of nominations, it will be retained in the system and may be completed at a future date for consideration in a subsequent year. Any nomination that satisfies all requirements will remain valid for three consecutive years.

Nomination Procedure FAQ
Nomination Procedure FAQ
Fellows Program Specifications
Fellows Program Specifications
Nominate a Fellow
Nominate a Fellow