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Systems Oversight Committee

The Systems Oversight Committee (SOC) reviews software and hardware systems and their operation, and reviews those aspects of budget related to software and hardware, especially those captured in the capital expenditure budget.

Systems Oversight Committee

Current Members


Samuel Gubins
Annual Reviews Incorporated


Raymond Chan
City University of Hong Kong
Tamara G. Kolda
Jeffrey Saltzman
Cottonwood Applied Mathematics
Bonita Saunders
National Institute for Standards and Technology
Ulrike M. Yang
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Ex Officio

Susan Palantino
Matthew Posey
Suzanne Weekes

Additional Details

Operating Guidelines and Areas of Responsibility


The SOC should normally have at least two members who are currently serving on the Board. Members of the SOC are appointed by the Board for a three-year term. Members include:

  • Treasurer (committee chair)
  • Chief Executive Officer¬†
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Director of Information Services
  • At least two current Board members
  • Additional non-Board members appointed by the Board


The SOC reports back to the Board of Trustees. 


All changes to this practice require the approval of the SIAM Board of Trustees.

Revised by the SIAM Board of Trustees at the December 2020 Executive Session.