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Diversity Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Diversity Advisory Committee (DAC) is to advise SIAM on policy issues that will broaden the participation of groups that are currently underrepresented and historically marginalized in the mathematical sciences. The committee will work with the SIAM Vice-President for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (VP-EDI) to advise SIAM on these issues.

The committee will consist of a chair and up to twelve members. There are 3 ex officio members of the committee: (1) the Vice-President for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion; (2) the Vice-Chair of the SIAM Activity Group for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion; (3) and a liaison from the Joint Committee on Women. All appointments are subject to the approval of the SIAM President.

Current Members


Luis Melara
Shippensburg University


Folashade Agusto
University of Kansas
Bubacarr Bah
Medical Research Council Unit The Gambia at London School of Hygiene and Tropica
Jose Castillo
San Diego State University
Carla Cotwright Williams
US Department of Defense
Leslie Hogben
Iowa State University
Barbara Kaltenbacher
University of Klagenfurt
Annie Raymond
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Josef Sifuentes
University Of Texas-Rio Grande Valley

Ex Officio

Ron Buckmire
Occidental College
Juliane Mueller
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Juan Restrepo

Additional Details

Overseeing the Workshop Celebrating Diversity Program

The committee acts as a steering committee to provide oversight for the development of the Workshop Celebrating Diversity, which is typically held at the SIAM Annual Meeting. The committee sets the general guidelines for the Workshop so as to present a consistent presence at the annual meetings. The guidelines give an overview of the format of the Workshop Celebrating Diversity, including whether it is run as a separate meeting or is blended into the annual meeting.  

The chair of the committee will appoint a working group* (subject to approval by the SIAM Vice-President for EDI) to oversee the organization of the Workshop Celebrating Diversity. The WCD working group will consist of four (4) members, with three regular members having three (3) year staggered terms; the second-year regular member chairs the committee. The fourth member of the WCD is ex officio: the SIAG-EDI Program Director. Members of the working group do not need to be members of the Diversity Advisory Committee. WCD terms start in August. The WCD Chair (subject to approval by the SIAM Vice President for Programs) will be a liaison to the SIAM Annual Meeting Organizing Committee. 

Other Responsibilities

The committee is encouraged to advise the SIAM President, Council, and Board through the VP for EDI on opportunities to promote equity, diversity, and inclusion within the community served by SIAM. 

The committee will be available for consultation on equity, diversity, and inclusion issues that come to SIAM’s attention through the membership or the activities it sponsors, or from the Vice President for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. The activities of the committee may include but are not limited to dissemination of EDI initiatives, providing advice to the SIAM Committee on Programs and Conferences and chairs of conference organizing committees, and advising in the collection or management of data related to questions of diversity.

Terms of the Committee Members

The term of the committee members and chair is for a period of three (3) years, which can be renewed.  Terms will be staggered so one-third of the committee members’ terms will expire each year.  SIAM recommends that appointed committee members serve at most two consecutive terms, although exceptions can be made in special circumstances.

Staff liaison to this committee is the SIAM Director of Program and Services.

The committee reports to the SIAM Board and Council through the VP for EDI.

The SIAM President, upon recommendation of the Committee on Committees and Appointments, shall make the at-large appointments to this committee. Committee membership should reflect the breadth and diversity of the Society. Committee members should have broad knowledge of the Society and its members.

*WCD Working Group

Christina Edholm
Term Ends: July 31, 2024

Amanda Laubmeier
Term Ends: July 31, 2026

Reginald McGee (Chair)
Term Ends: July 31, 2025

Suzanne Sindi (ex-officio, SIAG-EDI Program Director)