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Committee on Science Policy


SIAM is committed to promoting the value of research in applied mathematics and in ensuring the application of high quality research results to solving real world problems through industry, government, and other means to benefit society.

Part of SIAM's role is to provide timely information to its membership regarding science policy and funding. SIAM also provides information to policy makers regarding issues of interest to its members when SIAM member's expertise offers something to contribute to the discussions. SIAM maintains links with several organizations whose role is to coordinate science policy or to advocate for science funding. Among those organizations are the Joint Policy Board for Mathematics (JPBM) and the Computing Research Association (CRA).

In addition to these organizations, SIAM maintains its own presence in Washington, D.C. to coordinate governmental affairs. SIAM's representation is supported by Lewis-Burke and Associates, who provides legislative liaison and information on science policy issues.

SIAM's Vice President for Science Policy chairs the Committee on Science Policy, and is appointed by the President with the advice and consent of the SIAM Council and Board of Trustees.

The SIAM President, in consultation with the SIAM Secretary, shall make the at-large appointments to this committee. Committee membership should reflect the breadth and diversity of SIAM. Committee members should have broad knowledge of SIAM and its members.

Current Members

Current Members


Alejandro Aceves
Southern Methodist University


John Burns
Virginia Tech
Sharon Crook
Arizona State University
Jack Dongarra
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Emily Evans
Brigham Young University
Irene Fonseca
Carnegie Mellon University
Omar Ghattas
University of Texas Austin
Thomas Grandine
Boeing Company
Mansoor Haider
North Carolina State University
Bruce Hendrickson
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
C. David Levermore
University of Maryland College Park
Carrie Manore
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Madhav Marathe
Biocomplexity Institute, UVA
Peter March
William Massey
Princeton University
Jonathan Mattingly
Duke University
Peter Mucha
Dartmouth College
Alex Pothen
Purdue University
Andrew Salinger
Sandia National Laboratories

Ex Officio

Sven Leyffer
Argonne National Laboratory
Suzanne Weekes


In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, SIAM created the Task Force on Future Research Directions for NSF in the Era of COVID-19 under the SIAM Committee on Science Policy (CSP).

Read the Report

Charge and Guidelines


  1. The Committee on Science Policy serves to assist the SIAM Vice President for Science Policy and the SIAM President on issues related science policy and funding in areas of interest to SIAM.
  2. The Science Policy Committee may create white papers and position statements at the request of the SIAM VP for Science Policy and/or the SIAM President in order to advance the disciplines represented by SIAM and interests of its members.
  3. Monitor developments in the federal government and in the scientific community of interest to SIAM and its members.
  4. Promote the visibility of the applied mathematics community and of SIAM in the federal government and the scientific community.
  5. When requested, assist the President of SIAM in liaison with the Joint Policy for Board for Mathematics (JPBM) and the Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences (CBMS) and with other umbrella science policy organizations.
  6. At the request of and with the concurrence of the President, respond to external requests for information, advice, recommendations, and nominees for appointments to positions in federal agencies, advisory boards, or similar positions of interest to SIAM and the scientific community.
  7. Inform SIAM membership of pertinent happenings and/or information via SIAM News.
  8. Communicate to appropriate bodies the views of representatives of SIAM regarding significant issues of science policy.
  9. The committee will consist of three or more members of SIAM. Terms shall be for three years, with possible re-appointments. Appointments are by the President with recommendations from the SIAM Secretary and the Committee on Committees and Appointments.


  1. Members of the Committee should be chosen from current or past members of the Council and/or Board of Trustees, current or past officers of the Society, or other SIAM members who possess expertise on science policy matters of concern to SIAM.
  2. The SIAM President shall be either a member of the Committee or an ex-officio member.
  3. The SIAM Vice President for Science Policy shall chair this committee.
  4. The Committee shall report to the SIAM President through the SIAM Vice President for Science Policy who shall submit reports of its activities to the SIAM Council at each meeting of the Council.
  5. A member of the SIAM staff shall be designated to work with the Committee in collecting and disseminating information. (The Chief Executive Officer is the primary point of contact between the staff and the SIAM Committee on Science Policy. The Chief Executive Officer also oversees the contract with a Washington firm which assists the Committee in gathering information and preparing its meetings.)

SIAM Science Policy Fellowship Program

The SIAM Science Policy Fellowship Program enables post-doctoral fellows and early career researchers to be strong advocates for federal investments in applied mathematics and computational science. Three to five fellowship recipients are selected each year to attend the biannual SIAM Committee on Science Policy Meetings in Washington, D.C., interface with federal officials, and participle in an advocacy day on Capitol Hill. Science Policy Fellowships play an important role representing the industrial and applied math community to policy-makers in Washington, D.C.

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