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Career Opportunities Committee

The Career Opportunities Committee acts as an advisory committee to the Council and serves as a resource for current information regarding availability and demand for appropriately trained individuals in Applied Mathematics and Computational Science (AMCS).

Current Members

Current Members


Jeffrey Hittinger
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


Mary Ann Leung
Anna Lieb
Shelby Lockhart
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
Jason Torchinsky
Sandia National Laboratories

Ex Officio

Sharon Arroyo
Boeing Company
Eleanor Jenkins
Clemson University
Luis Melara
Shippensburg University

Additional Details

Duties of the Career Opportunities Committee Include

  • Be responsible for Professional Development programs and Career Fairs at SIAM Annual Meetings and at other large SIAM Conferences.
  • Oversee the SIAM career brochures, the SIAM Job Board, and suggest creation of materials that encourages students and postdoctoral trainees to choose careers in AMCS.
  • Propose, advise and liaise with other SIAM programs arising from the Education and Industry Committees.

Committee Membership

This shall be an eight-person committee, although additional people may be added if necessary. Three of the eight shall be ex-officio members: representatives from the Diversity, Education and Industry committees (normally the committee chair; but the chair may appoint another person to represent the committee). The other five members are appointed by the CCA. Of these five appointed members, one shall be designated as chair of the committee; one should be a student (or very recent graduate); two shall be early career professionals (within six years of obtaining their degree); and at least one of the early career professionals should be a postdoc. Appointments shall be for three years, although those representing students and postdocs may serve shorter terms when their status changes.1 All appointments must be SIAM members.

1 Initially terms shall be staggered with one-, two-, and three-year appointments.

Operating Procedures

This committee will conduct its business primarily via email and teleconference. The VP for Industry shall have oversight of this committee. This committee may be tasked by the VP for Industry or the Council to produce ad hoc reports or to initiate various activities within the scope of the committee.