SIAM Activity Group on Geometric Design

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SIAM Activity Group on Geometric Design

This activity group is concerned with the mathematical and computational issues that arise in generating and processing geometric information for various engineering applications, such as mechanical design, process planning, and manufacturing. The scope of the group's activities encompasses a wide spectrum of scientific, technological, and other skills, ranging from rigorous mathematics to the subjective aesthetics of shape.

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Related topics and applications:

biology, coding theory, complexity theory, computer graphics, computer vision, cryptography, game theory and economics, and robotics

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Activity Group Archives

Activity Group Archives

2021 - 2022

Chair: Hartmut Prautzsch
Vice Chair: Jiri Kosinka
Program Director: Lucia Romani
Secretary: David GroƟmann

2019 - 2020

Chair: Rida Farouki
Vice Chair: Tim Strotman
Program Director: Carlotta GIannelli
Secretary: Tom Cashman

2017 - 2018

Chair: Kai Hormann
Vice Chair: Heidi E. I. Dahl
Program Director: Carolina Vittoria Beccari
Secretary: Bonita V. Saunders

2015 - 2016

Chair: Tom Peters
Vice Chair: Stephen Mann
Program Director: Daniel Gonsor
Secretary: Gudrun Albrecht

2013 - 2014

Chair: Elaine Cohen
Vice Chair: Tim Strotman
Program Director: Jan Vandenbrande
Secretary: Geraldine Morin

2011 - 2012

Chair: Konrad Polthier
Vice Chair: Stefanie Hahmann
Program Director: Georg Umlauf
Secretary: Tom Peters

2009 - 2010

Chair: Jorg Peters
Vice Chair: Carla Manni
Program Director: Stefanie Hahmann
Secretary: Edmond Nadler

2007 - 2008

Chair: Thomas A. Grandine
Vice Chair: Michael Floater
Program Director: Jens Gravesen
Secretary: Michael Lachance

2005 - 2006

Chair: Mike Neamtu
Vice Chair: Stephen Mann
Program Director: Thomas Grandine
Secretary: Tor Dokken

2003 - 2004

Chair: Gerald E Farin
Vice Chair: Mike Neamtu
Program Director: Tor Dokken
Secretary: Jorg Peters