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SIAM Activity Group on Uncertainty Quantification

This activity group fosters activity and collaboration on all aspects of the effects of uncertainty and error on mathematical descriptions of real phenomena. It seeks to promote the development of theory and methods to describe quantitatively the origin, propagation, and interplay of different sources of error and uncertainty in analysis and predictions of the behavior of complex systems, including biological, chemical, engineering, financial, geophysical, physical and social/political systems. This activity group serves to support interactions among mathematicians, statisticians, engineers, and scientists working in the interface of computation, analysis, statistics, and probability.


Upcoming Conferences

SIAM Conference on Uncertainty Quantification (UQ20)

March 24 - 27, 2020
Garching, Germany
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Related topics and applications:

analysis and predictions of the behavior of complex systems, in such areas as biological, chemical, engineering, financial, geophysical, physical, and social/political systems

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Vice Chair
Program Director

By the Numbers

Activity Group Archives

Activity Group Archives

2017- 2018

Chair: Roger Ghanem
Vice Chair: Elaine Spiller
Program Director: Youssef Marzouk
Secretary: Noemi Petra

2015- 2016

Chair: Andrew Stuart
Vice Chair: Serge Guillas
Program Director: Clayton Webster
Secretary: Youssef Marzouk

2013- 2014

Chair: Max Gunzburger
Vice Chair: Mark Berliner
Program Director: Raul Tempone
Secretary: Youssef Marzouk

2011- 2012

Chair: Donald Estep
Vice Chair: Max Gunzburger
Program Director: Roger Ghanem
Secretary: Habib Najm