Planned Giving

Why Donate to SIAM

Your donation helps SIAM carry out our mission to advance the application of mathematics to science and industry and to promote research in applied mathematics and computational science. SIAM is dedicated to serving this mission worldwide and to ensuring the health of our discipline. Through our donation options, you are free to designate your gift to a specific SIAM program or give to our general fund.

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How You Can Support

You can arrange for a gift to be allocated to SIAM later, either during your lifetime or at the time of your death. SIAM has several planned giving options:


Donors who want to support SIAM with a larger gift than they can immediately give should consider bequeathing something to SIAM by leaving instructions, typically in their will, or through beneficiary designations and revocable living trusts. You can detail different types of bequests in your will and update it throughout your life as your family, priorities, and wishes change. Charitable bequests come with certain tax benefits.

Charitable Trust

In a charitable trust, a grantor or donor creates the trust and funds it by transferring assets to it. Unlike a charitable foundation, the trust is not governed by a board of trustees and can only be funded by one person. There are two primary types: 

  • Charitable lead trust. The income produced by the trust is distributed to SIAM for a set number of years, after which time the assets remaining in the trust are distributed to the other named beneficiaries.
  • Charitable remainder trust. The income produced by the trust is distributed first to the non-SIAM beneficiaries, and at the end of the trust, the remainder is given to SIAM.

Charitable Gift Annuities

This is an arrangement between a donor and a non-profit organization like SIAM, in which the donor receives a regular payment for life based on the value of assets transferred to the organization. After the donor's death, the assets would be retained by SIAM. Donors may be eligible to claim a partial charitable tax deduction for the year in which they set up the charitable gift annuity.

Life Insurance

Life insurance contributions can provide a substantial gift for SIAM. You can list SIAM as the beneficiary on a new or existing policy so it can receive the policy’s death benefit upon your passing. The value of a policy you are still paying at the time of declaring your intent to donate said policy is tax-deductible for you, and if you continue paying the premiums, they are also deductible as charitable contributions.

Pooled Income Fund

This is a trust designed to provide variable yet reliable income. Like commercial mutual funds, it combines the donor’s gift with the contributions of other fund participants and invests the sum for a balance of income and growth. Dividends are paid to the shareholders in proportion to each person's contribution. Your donation results in a tax deduction for the year the gift was made, elimination of capital gains tax if the fund is invested in appreciated securities, and reduction of estate taxes for any heirs.