GS23 Minitutorials | SIAM


SIAM Conference on Mathematical & Computational Issues in the Geosciences (GS23)


Micro-continuum Modelling: An Hybrid-scale Approach for Solving Coupled Processes in Porous Media

Organizer: Cyprien Soulaine, CNRS-Institut des Sciences de la Terre d’Orléans, France

Compositional Simulation for Modeling of Complex Subsurface Applications

Organizer: Denis Voskov, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands and Stanford University, U.S.

Mesh Refinement/Coarsening Strategies and Advanced Numerical Methods Based on General-shaped Meshes to Tackle Simulations in Large Scale Discrete Fracture Networks

Organizers: Houman Borouchaki, Université de technologie de Troyes (UTT), France
Zhaonan Dong, Inria Paris, France
Géraldine Pichot, Inria Paris, France