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Paper titles and author information appears as submitted.

Paper title and author changes will not be made to this page. The online program will reflect the most up-to-date presentation details, and is scheduled for posting in November.

Analysis of Work-Stealing and Parallel Cache Complexity
Yan Gu, Zachary Napier, Yihan Sun

Unbiased Delay Measurement in the Data Plane
Yufei Zheng, Xiaoqi Chen, Mark Braverman and Jennifer Rexford

Locality-of-Reference Optimality of Cache-Oblivious Algorithms
Peyman Afshani, John Iacono, Varunkumar Jayapaul, Ben Karsin, and Nodari Sitchinava

Improved Bounds for Scheduling Flows under Endpoint Capacity Constraints
David Stalfa, Searidang Pa and Rajmohan Rajaraman

Survivability via Path Disjointness for HyperX
Ori Rottenstreich