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Accepted Papers

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Paper titles and author information appears as submitted.

Paper title and author changes will not be made to this page. The online program will reflect the most up-to-date presentation details, and is scheduled for posting in November 

Arithmetic Progression Hypergraphs: Examining the Second Moment Method
Michael Mitzenmacher

Random walks on graphs: new bounds on hitting, meeting, coalescing and returning
Roberto Oliveira and Yuval Peres

Sesquickselect: One and a half pivots for cache-efficient selection
Conrado Martínez, Markus Nebel and Sebastian Wild

Reducing Simply Generated Trees by Iterative Leaf Cutting
Benjamin Hackl, Clemens Heuberger and Stephan Wagner

Ranked Schröder Trees
Olivier Bodini, Antoine Genitrini and Mehdi Naima

Subcritical random hypergraphs, high-order components and hypertrees
Oliver Cooley, Wenjie Fang, Nicola Del Giudice and Mihyun Kang

Protection Number of Recursive Trees
Mateusz Klimczak and Gołębiewski Zbigniew

Esthetic Numbers and Lifting Restrictions on the Analysis of Summatory Functions of Regular Sequences
Clemens Heubergerand Daniel Krenn

When Does Hillclimbing Fail on Monotone Functions: An entropy compression argument
Johannes Lengler, Anders Martinsson and Angelika Steger

Combinatorics of nondeterministic walks of the Dyck and Motzkin type
Elie de Panafieu, Mohamed Lamine Lamali and Michael Wallner

Moments of Select Sets
Simon Langowski and Mark Daniel Ward

QuickSort: Improved right-tail asymptotics for the limiting distribution, and large deviations
James Allen Fill and Wei-Chun Hung

Median-of-k Jumplists & Dangling-Min BSTs
Markus E. Nebel, Elisabeth Neumann and Sebastian Wild

Degree distributions of generalized hooking networks
Colin Desmarais and Cecilia Holmgren